Speciality Areas


Whether employed by a larger firm or self-employed, there is an underlying characteristic consultants face—getting paid for their expertise. Like other professional careers, the demands on time are high. Deadlines create periods of intense work. Each hour is valuable both from the earnings from that particular project or the prospecting and proposal building for the next one. The underlying long term financial planning issues are common to other professionals—making sure that financial security is being built for when you no longer have the desire to work so long or so hard.

For employees of consulting firms, this means integrating personal planning with the often substantial benefit programs offered by your employers. For those working for smaller firms or self-employed, it means establishing benefit plans to build wealth taking advantage opportunities to defer income taxes. We provide advice on cash flow planning, business structure, education planning, insurance and estate planning, helping you reach the point where you are financially secure. Our expertise allows us to help consultants evaluate new opportunities, which often involve job changes or complete changes in career direction.