Speciality Areas


The healthcare industry brings a set of financial challenges that are very unique.  Legislation that has become a centerpiece of political discussion in recent years has created uncertainty and difficulty in making career decisions for healthcare professionals.  Deciding how to maximize a career path can be a complex decision when weighing opening a private practice or working under a contract for a larger health system, particularly when pay may be tied directly to changes in the political and legislative landscape.  Navigating extremely complex employee benefit packages is also a very common problem, and the help of a professional is necessary to ensure that all options are utilized for maximum savings and tax efficiency.

Unique risks of liability as well as disability are central to medical practitioners.  These highly skilled, highly compensated professionals are often in a position where there is a definite need to make sure not only their professional liability is minimized, but that relatively high earnings are properly allocated to insure long term financial security.  We have a wealth of experiences with healthcare professionals and can provide the expertise needed to provide advice to help solve these problems.